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Benefits of a Graduate Certificate

One thing is for sure, every credential that one holds counts in the very hotly contested marketplace. You should not take it lightly to earn a graduate certificate. By earning a certificate, you have added another qualification in your resume. A certificate does not consume a lot of your time, money and does not need that much commitment.

Fastest Growing Post-Secondary Credential

It is among the fastest growing post-secondary qualifications in the U.S. As stated by the Institute for College Access and Success, a 46% increase has been witnessed over a five year period. The expansion is driven by a desire to further education. Another reason why a graduate certificate is becoming popular is increased specialization at work and the earning power of individuals. About 35 of America’s workforce has a graduate certificate according to a Washington Post article this translates to a rise in earnings for that population.

Are Graduate Certificates Worth It?

A graduate certificate cannot and will never replace a degree certificate in the marketplace; online certificate programs encourage the transition into a master’s degree program. You may find that one was seriously challenged at the undergraduate level and may feel that they need an additional education to reach their goals in respective careers all the while not knowing that they are up to the task of attaining a master’s degree. A certificate program allows a student to find out what they would really like to pursue. Certificate programs allow an individual to specialize in a particular area, in other words, specialize after earning a master’s degree.

For one to complete a graduate certificate it requires half the time a master degree program will take. It prepares you in a strong way to undertake graduate studies. In most cases, it requires like five courses to complete a certificates course. It prepares a student what to specialize on when enrolling in a master’s program. Flexibility makes it much easier for students who have busy lives; it is like one is already halfway through a master’s degree. This is why most people move to a degree because the end is almost near.

Most students tend to pursue a graduate certificate before joining a master’s program, others choose to pursue a graduate certificate and a masters in tandem. You will find others will choose an entirely different course unrelated to their master’s program, they only want to add knowledge from another field. You are not to equate a graduate certificate program to a certification. A graduate certificate on Human Resources management from University of Phoenix can prepare one for vital leadership roles but it does not prepare human resource professionals. An accounting coursework graduate certificate program does, however, equate to 150 credit hours required by many states to sit for a CPA exam. Whether one decides that a graduate certificate leads to a master’s program or it is for supplementing a master degree that was previously earned will indeed a great deal of experience. It is an additional way to specialize beyond just a bachelor’s degree. Having such a combination will make one a very valuable asset in the market and highly sought after by various organizations.

Jobs You Can Get With A Graduate Certificate.

Certificates graduates from the University of Phoenix have a solid commitment to an area of specialization. This provides the latest in knowledge and skills in a particular area which is perfect for those who have been in the field for a number of years. Skills and knowledge earned in this certificate strengthen the students’ abilities and empowers him or her to achieve academic excellence. The online graduate certificate appeals to students across many ranges of industries. It enlightens and improves skills that help one lead a project through an entire life cycle all the way from the initiation and planning phase to the execution phase followed through by execution, monitoring, and completion. What are you waiting for, register today?