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3 Must-Have Dental Chair Accessories to Make Patients More Comfortable

Let’s face it: many of your patients are uncomfortable just making a dental appointment. While some people can — and do — fall asleep in the dental chair, not everyone is that relaxed having their teeth cleaned or worked on. Dental offices that invest in accessories to address patient’s physical comfort are taking a step toward ensuring people can relax a bit more. A patient that isn’t dealing with bodily discomfort is also more likely to engage fully with the hygienist and dentist, which can lead to better treatment results. Here are three must-have dental chair accessories from Dental Savings for achieving those goals.

1. Headrest Cushions

Headrests benefit both the patient and the dental staff. They hold the patient’s head in a position that allows easier access to the mouth without putting undue stress on the neck, shoulders or back. Look for memory foam pillows with gentle sloping, which cushion the patient’s head comfortably but hold up to regular use. Elastic bands to hold the pillows in place and protective covers that can be washed to ensure sanitation are also important. Some headrest cushions are designed to be paired with other seat accessories or certain types of seats, so always check that the cushions you purchase match your existing equipment.

2. Child Booster Seats

Dental chair booster seats are specifically made to fit dental chairs and create a better fit for small children. You can’t simply slap the kind of booster seat you might use at a dining table in your dental chairs; that would be an uncomfortable and unsafe solution and wouldn’t position the child appropriately for dental work or cleanings. Family-friendly dental offices, which treat people of all ages, can save time and money by investing in dental booster seats; instead of relying on one or two child-specific chairs, staff can quickly convert any station into a child-friendly one. Look for booster seats made with medical-grade materials and upholstered in material that can be easily cleaned and disinfected.

3. Knee Supports

Patients come in all shapes and sizes — and with all types of medical and health concerns. Not everyone can comfortable sit in a dental chair for the time required for treatment; some people may experience pressure in the back or legs or general aches and pains from sitting so long. One way to alleviate such issues is via knee support. It raises the knees to stabilize the patient and remove pressure from other areas of the body.

These are just some of the support and cushion options available from Dental Savings that let you make patients more comfortable in your office. Investing in the right accessories helps you enhance the care you provide.