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Do You Have The Essential Employability Skills?


Every job has its own skills which need to be equipped and excelled.  Any job skills list is divided into two main sections: hard skills and soft skills. Soft skills are usually the type of abilities that doesn’t need a certain certificate or college degree, and also because they cannot be automated, they’re increasingly in high demand. Soft skills include collaboration, persuasiveness and creativity.

Some skills might be obtained but never been applied in real life situations, they can only be visible on the work ground. Why? Because some skills are gained through experience and others are just needed to be equipped during work process.

What are the most essential soft skills recruiters look for?

Here below are the most common soft skills recruiters and employer care about:



  • Communication skills.


This is a must -have soft skill in any career. It’s all about being able to communicate with colleagues, employers and clients; if you lack this skill then you won’t be able to excel anything in your major, that’s why when the employer interviews the candidates they concentrate on their communication skill in delivering the information and receiving it as well. They also concentrate whether the candidate’s attitude is aggressive or somehow disturbing, it can be easily discovered in the better opportunities you’ll get offered. Employers generally likes seeing a person who knows exactly what, when and how to speak and deliver a certain information. Work on your communications skills and also be a good listener.

  • If you want to check how important it is to have communications skills, you can check every job position required in any company and industry which are submitted in online job websites like Joblang and LinkedIn, you will not find any job that wouldn’t ask for a good communication skilled person .
  • I f you consider yourself a great communicator , then you should apply for HR job positions , HR is all about communicating with other employees and clients . Try visiting Joblang and search for a job opportunity which suits you well.



  • Positive attitude.


Recruiters concentrate on the way this potential employees acts and the way they react to actions. Employers likes seeing a positive attitude coming out from the employee, it gives them a certain feelings of security that this candidate is ready to give their best in order to make the work go smoothly and professionally . Giving the employer this feeling will certainly make you a great employee and you simply give your boss big dose of comfort. Positive attitude employees are loveable and popular; they tend to actually get promoted easily because of their great positive energy spread among the company and other employees.






  • Self – Management.


Being able to control yourself and actions in work is a great skill to be obtained. All companies face challenges and obstacles which might out employees under certain work pressure and discomfort.  The trick you need to excel at is the way you react to these situations and challenges are you going to lose you grip and have a nervous attack? If you do, then you’re considered really weak in managing yourself and actions, which of course is a terrible situation to encounter. Recruiters prefer hiring a person who is wise and smart enough to manage their actions professionally. They simply don’t need crying babies at work; they need real hard professional workers.


  • You can constantly notice the skill Self-Management mentioned in any job opportunity submitted, you can check famous job opportunity websites like and read about the self-management skill they ask for.






  • Team Work.


Team work is a great skill to be obtained. Every employer seeks a candidate who can work professionally and smoothly among their team. Team work is always stronger than individual working method, combining all teammate’s skills and experiences into one big group create a massive productive energy. If individuals works solo, then work flow will e slower and less productive, that’s why being a good team player gives you a professional experience boost in your resume for future careers paths .a lot of companies would usually do a team-bonding trips which brings teammates closer and more combined.

  • Usually, most job description and skills mentions “a good team player” skill, it makes work smoother and more productive.
  • If you like team working jobs you can check job opportunities posted and updated on daily basis for both fresh graduates and experienced employees.




  • Willingness to learn.


Easy learners   are recruiters and employers favorite types of employees. Some fresh graduates would superior in such short times, why? Because they are eager to learn more, the more learning ability you show the employer the more you get preferred. Employers won’t actually like individuals who shows that they have learned enough and their experience is great enough , well , we live in a consist  developing world . Your basic knowledge and experience needs to be upgraded and developed, and you need to show your boss that you want to learn more and always ask useful questions of how to get a certain job done. Learning more information’s and methods is useful for you; knowledge will always make you smarter and wiser.



  • “Easy learner” is a preferred smart skill in the eyes of every recruiter and employer.



Soft skills discussed above are essential in every industry and sector; it’s not only monopolized for certain majors. Every individual needs to own these skills in order to success in any work environment. You can easily gain these skills, recruiters wouldn’t hire employees who lacks the basic soft skills, after all, they need their companies work to flow smoothly and professionally.  Fresh graduates are given a chance to prove themselves at the start up months in work , but they also need to excel these basic soft skills by the end of their three trial months before they officially gets hired and signs a contact . If you want to know more about these skills you can read articles written by recruiters and HR employers, it will certainly help you find out the real deal skills they hire upon. The more skills you own and build the more you make recruiters eager to hire you!


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