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Explore the Vibrant Authentic Food of Miami and Expand your Palate

Miami is the main port city situated at the Atlantic coast on Southern part of Florida. As per US Census, Miami Metro region is the 7th populated city. Miami is also well-known for its international trading business and sectors like finance, media, entertainment, culture, commerce, and arts. Miami was given the seventh rank for business activities organized in the city.

Many movies, serials have been featured in Miami. Even games like “Scarface: The World is Yours” also has Miami as the location. The renowned tourist attraction here is the Miami Beach which is enjoyed in every season. Apart from that, there are museums and art galleries which can be enjoyed by tourists when they go for a tour ride.

One thing that none should miss is the Miami food tour. It introduces you to the delicacies of Miami cuisine. Although the cuisine is a mix of various cultures, especially Caribbean and Latin America, when they are combined with the American food, it gives a unique Floribbean cuisine.

Here are some ethnic areas where you can get wide palate in which you can enjoy every flavor of different traditions –

Little Havana

Little Havana is a community of Cuban immigrants that are settled in Downtown Miami. If you go to any traditional restaurant there that provide Cuba food then you can enjoy,

  • Picadillo, which is ground meat with raisins and spices
  • Arroz con pollo which is a grouping of yellow rice with chicken
  • Ropa vieja is pot roasted in Cuban style

Little Haiti

It is also called Lemon City and is at the epicenter of Miami starting from 50th street to 77th street. There are many shops, music shops, pubs, art galleries etc. that you can peep in. You can try –

  • Jerk chicken
  • Brown stew
  • Oxtail

If you desire to enjoy sea food, then these is the place, but do your researches, before trying the cuisine.

Liberty City

Liberty City keeps the African and American traditions alive. If you desire to try their cuisine, try it in an open restaurant where you can also get sea food and fresh seasonal vegetables.

Coconut Grove

It is the oldest bayside village which is the locality of Miami. The entire area is filled with restaurants, galleries, cafes and boutiques. These people came from the Bahamas carrying some delicacies with them which is not only cherished by the locals, but visitors also enjoy it.

These are some places that might not be in the tourism list provided by your guide, but if you know it now, you can insist them to take you to these places.