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How to Choose the Best Medical Abortion Clinic for Late Term Abortions

Part of being responsible about women’s health is to know exactly where to go for procedures. If you have to deal with a late term abortion, you need to determine the best medical abortion clinic to go to NOW – before you have an emergency situation on your hands. If you are in an emergency situation, fear not – we will show you here how to determine the medical abortion clinic to visit for a healthy and efficient process.

Choosing a Clinic with Options

Depending on your situation and the timing of the procedure, you may need to invoke a medical or a surgical procedure. You need a clinic with all options available. For instance, abortions that are performed after 20 weeks may be accomplished through dilation and evacuation or induction of labor. You may also use the partial birth technique, which is known as intact dilation and extraction.

Clinics with Support

Because of the extra medical and emotional support that is needed after a late term abortion, many states are limiting the procedures that clinics can perform during late term (defined as an abortion after 20 weeks). This is actually a good thing for you if you are looking for a clinic that can perform a late term abortion. The list of clinics are now more separated, and you can be much more sure that any clinic that performs the procedure will be able to provide you with support after the fact. 

If you are looking for a late term clinic, you will be able to find it more easily using the survey data from the Guttmacher Institute rather than looking on Planned Parenthood roles. Planned Parenthood keeps up with all abortion clinics, while the Guttmacher Institute has a special list for clinics that perform abortions after 20 weeks.

Clinic with Payment Plans

According to professional studies, one of the most prevalent reasons for late term abortions was that the patient had to raise money. You can take advantage of clinics with payment plans so that you can get the process done as early as possible. The later that the procedure is done, the more that it generally costs. If you can find the right clinic that allows for a payment plan, you may end up paying much less for the procedure in total.

The sensitive decision that you are making now does not need to be made alone. If you find the right clinic with the proper staff, then you will be able to make an informed choice that will also keep you from feeling alone. Take the time to pick the right clinic, and you will have a much easier time.