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How to create your ID cards?

Creating your material is always a fun challenge. Whether you are a small company or a big running business, creating your own material can save some money. You don’t need to buy expensive printing machines to undertake this task. The design can be made online or by a professional team. And in this way, the printing will not be your responsibility. You can have an excellent product without having to spend much money.

Here are some of the necessary steps that you need to follow to have your ID cards

  1. Plan the layout of the card

This step is closely related to the purpose of the card. The number of people who will wear it is also of importance here. It is necessary to consider if the card is going to be used as an access key or to identify employees.

Once you have decided what the purpose of this card is, you need to think of more details. For instance: an identification only card can have just a picture and a name, but a key card will need some electronic element to be read by scanners.

  1. Think about the numbers

How many people will use the card? This is a fundamental question. If you are going to create generic cards to be worn by most of the employees, it may be cheaper. You can order a large number of cards from the same provider and get some discount over it.

On the contrary, if the cards are going to be exclusive, it may be a little more expensive. When products are created to suit a certain fashion sense, they tend to costs more than buying them in bulk.

  1. Use an online creator to have a draft of our card

There are multiple options online to have an idea of how your card is going to look like. This software allows you to have a clear perspective on how the card can be. This way you can choose how to organize information while looking at it. If you are planning on ordering your cards to a professional, you can use these online tools anyways to help you have a clear design in mind.

Sometimes the way the card is going to be used determines the way the card looks. If it is going to be hidden in a pocket or if it is going to be hanging in cool lanyards the design and concept can change.

  1. Think about your options

When designing an Id card, there are several options to be customized or shuffled in the layout. The orientation of the card is the first thing to be considered. This will depend on the presence of drawings, logos or large images and how these images are oriented.

The text font to be used is also of the utmost importance. They usually go along the image of the company for permanent cards. They can be festive and change according to the season or holiday if the cards are temporary or have a short expiration date.

The image or color to be used on the background is also an element of interest. It has to contrast the font used, and it cannot be confusing or make things difficult to read. The back of your card is also useful space if necessary, think about what you want to display on it. It may be a perfect place to set the barcode or electronic microchip of your card.

  1. Have clear directions for photographs

If the Id cards being designed are going to have a picture, the rules must be set beforehand. Some companies prefer to use white or blue backgrounds for the picture. Not allowing accessories is also a common requirement for pictures, for example, sunglasses, hats, scarf or similar. This is because some accessories can cover important parts of the person’s face.

The basis for a beautiful picture is: look directly at the camera and relax. Smiling will depend on the kind of company. It may be convenient for a touristic company but not for a law firm.

These are just some of the basic steps to be followed when creating id cards. Remember always to ask an expert for more details on the topic.