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Swimming Pool Cleaning Supplies

A clean pool is a healthy, safe pool. But swimming pool maintenance isn’t necessarily an easy task. There are chlorine and pH levels to maintain, leaves, bugs and other debris that can clog up filters, and skimmer baskets to clean out on a regular basis while the pool is in season. Yes, there’s a lot that goes into good pool maintenance, as a clean and chemically balanced pool also helps other pool components, like the heat pump, operate more efficiently. Here’s a look at some of the swimming pool cleaning supplies you’ll need to properly maintain your pool:

Top Swimming Pool Cleaning Supplies

  • Tele poles: Telescoping poles, or tele poles, attach to the likes of vacuums and skimmers to provide an extended, more comfortable reach for pool cleaning purposes. 
  • Skimmers: These mesh nets are one of the most often used tools in swimming pool maintenance. They’re used to capture and remove leaves, bugs and other debris from the pool’s surface. 
  • Vacuums: Though vacuuming isn’t necessary to perform as often as skimming, a vacuum should be a part of your swimming pool cleaning supplies inventory. Vacuuming is essential for removing debris that’s fallen to the bottom of the pool or has stuck to the sides of it. Make sure you have the right vacuum head and vacuum hoses for your pool.
  • Brushes: Algae and mold have the tendency to grow on pool walls, which is why all pools should be brushed about once a week.
  • Chemicals: Sanitizers, oxidizers and water balancing chemicals are the three most important ones needed to keep the water safe and healthy. Depending on your pool, you may also require more specialized chemicals, such as algaecides, filter cleaners and phosphate removers. 
  • Other supplies: Some other swimming pool cleaning supplies include vacuum plates, leaf traps, pool scrubbing mitts and stain removers, among others.