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Tips On How To Strengthen A Security System Against Hacking

If you have a surveillance security system set up to protect your assets, you must also understand that your devices are susceptible to online security breaches that have some serious ramifications like the ones given below.

  • A hacked dvr system exposes your live activities in front of the hackers
  • A compromised system can be exploited to steal your money/data
  • Hacked security cameras can be used by stalkers to cause physical harm
  • Hacked webcams can be misused to broadcast your private footage online

These are some really disturbing and creepy ways in which hackers can impact your real life by attacking you virtually. Therefore, you must know how to find out if your security cameras are being misused to monitor your activities instead of safeguarding you.

4 Signs That Indicate Your Security Cameras Have Been Hacked

You can always find out if your security system has an unauthorized person trying to tamper with your feed. The 4 best of all the ways are given below.

  • Surveillance cameras are made to record the footage 24 hours a day and save it in the dvr. If you find that some parts of the saved footage are blank or blacked out, it means that the system has been hacked or the dvr instrument is faulty.
  • A laptop/desktop commanding the webcam to turn on/off despite it’s not being operated physically means that someone is remotely operating it to spy on you.
  • Sudden noises from the security cameras could be due to unauthorized access. Also, the security password, if set to default despite you had changed it is a confirmation that your camera is being misused to monitor you.
  • If you find the orientation and angle of your security camera deviated from what you fixed last, it’s clear that the camera is being used remotely by some hacker.

3 Simple Ways To Prevent Hacking

As difficult as it might sound, it’s actually quite simple to prevent hacking much before it can affect your system if you follow the 3 simple rules given below.

  • Password protection is the first rule that prevents a security breach. Lock your backdoor password to something strong. Also, do not use a password similar to anything that you’re currently using for your social media accounts.
  • Using a Firewall filter is the second most-trusted rule to prevent hacking. A firewall is designed to block all suspicious devices trying to login into your account.
  • Using trusted antivirus software is the third rule to fend off hackers that might be trying to use viruses or malware to steal your data or obtain your password.