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Why Your Airport Should Invest in a Runway FOD Sweeper

Air travel is one of the most important forms of travel in the world today. For people to be able to get to and from their final destinations, being able to enjoy a very safe and efficient takeoff and landing is very important. For airports that are looking to provide improved safety measures for their plans, employees, and all passengers, investing in a runway FOD sweeper is a very good investment option.

A runway FOD sweeper is a device that connects to the back of a truck and works to make sure that runways are clear of all debris, which helps to ensure they are safe for all planes to takeoff and land. The device looks very similar to a large net will work to remove all Foreign Object Debris, or FOD, from the runway. There are several key benefits that make it a worthwhile investment for all airports and airlines.

Removes Wide Range of Debris and Materials

Airplanes are very powerful machines, but also require a lot of maintenance to ensure they are able to continue to run efficiently. When you are looking to make sure that your airplanes are able to last for a long period of time, making sure that they are able to avoid unnecessary loose debris is very important. Unfortunately, standard runways in airports across the country will frequently be littered with loose concrete, pieces of metal, nails, and other debris that can hamper the airplane.

When you use a runway FOD sweeper, you can be assured that the airplane will be able to avoid all of these hazards. A FOD sweeper has the ability to sweep up a wide variety of different types of materials and can help to keep your planes and runways protected for years to come. This will help to reduce your repair costs and will help to keep your planes on schedule.

Work Efficiently

When it comes to operating an airport, one of the biggest stressors and concerns for people are flight delays. Since airports already have to deal with weather and other mechanical delays, avoiding any other unnecessary delays is always preferred. While airports will always make safety a top priority, they may be concerned if sweeping services take too long. Fortunately, a FOD sweeper is a very efficient machine that can sweep an entire runway very quickly. This will not only help to ensure that the runway is safe to use, but it will also keep your flights on time.

Size Options

Finally, FOD sweepers are a good option as there are a variety of size options available. The size options range form sweepers that are ideal for small private planes all the way up to runways that are designed to manage the largest passenger planes in the world.